Regional / Community Banks

Regional / Community Banks

Punch Above Your Weight


No one understands the needs of regional and community banks better than Q2 Gro. Our Q2 Gro Checkout solution is ready for you now, available off-the-shelf for quick and easy implementation at an incredible value. The Q2 Gro Digital Sales Platform helps you level the playing field and positions you to better compete against the “big guys” with a solution that is also flexible, configurable and customizable.


Speed Time to Market


No need to wait months and months on lengthy implementations to start capturing new mobile-first customers. With the Q2 Gro Digital Sales Platform in place, you’ll see a significant drop in abandonment and a rise in new acquisitions in record time. Q2 Gro has already worked with and written integrations to the leading providers of core banking, identity verification, funding and loan origination services, getting you up and running even faster. Additionally, to help make the process more efficient, Q2 Gro offers a personal consultant that keeps the implementation on track so you can reap the rewards even quicker.  


Frictionless Process for Data Collection


Q2 Gro’s multi-layered approach to collecting data easily reduces friction and keystrokes, making it easier for the prospect or customer to fill out an application from a mobile device. Q2 Gro optimizes the use of the smartphone’s features, plus adds our own engineered innovations for a hassle-free experience for your customers.