National Banks

National Banks

Why do big banks need Q2 Gro?


Large banks have very specific needs when it comes to implementing systems that touch customers. Q2 Gro provides a platform for banks to integrate to and connect various systems, without losing branding or control.


Powerful integration capabilities.


Large banks have a complex ecosystem of technology platforms working behind the scenes to provide a full-service offering for their online and mobile banking customers. Q2 Gro’s software is highly flexible in its ability to integrate with other existing or even custom systems.

  • 30+ integrations with existing system and service providers.
  • Able to integrate with custom applications and proprietary solutions.
  • Easily customizable with your branding.
  • Highly configurable for quick changes and adjustments.


We put you in control.


Using Q2 Gro does not mean giving up control. Our products offer the configuration options needed to extend into your existing infrastructure, allowing our big bank customers to maintain their own brand,  manage the UI, and most importantly, own the customer experience.


Why build it yourself?


Why spend time, money and resources to build something from scratch when you can use what our experts have spent years perfecting specifically for you? Our solution gets you up and running significantly faster and at just a fraction of the cost than if you built it yourself.

  • Free up valuable resources and budget for other projects.
  • Time-tested solution speeds your time to market.
  • So seamless, it will look like you built it yourself.