Q2 Gro Checkout

Super simplified sales.

Streamline workflows and reduce abandonment.

Our flagship product, Q2 Gro Checkout, is an account opening solution that works across multiple channels, and can even be started in one channel and completed in another if necessary. Whether in the branch, online, mobile or at a remote event from a tablet, Q2 Gro Checkout is convenient and simple for anyone to open an account from virtually anywhere.


One Application Process for Multiple Products


With Q2 Gro Checkout, customers or prospects can apply for multiple account types with only one application. Competitors require a new application for each new account, creating a deterrent to opening more than one account.Q2 Gro technology utilizes a shopping cart experience so customers can simply add more products to the cart, creating additional opportunities for growth.


Minimalist Workflow Cuts Steps


Our patent-pending workflow significantly reduces account opening time to under 4 minutes. Capture only the information you need up front to get the account open and funded, and send out disclosures and collect any secondary information afterwards, at the customer’s convenience.


Easy Digital Banking Enrollment


Make the process simple for your customers and place them into digital banking right from the start. Q2 Gro Checkout's online digital banking integration removes the friction of enrollment and allows your customers to create their digital account experience when they first open their account, giving them the flexibility and convenience to manage their finances anywhere - and from any device - without the hassle of a separate process.


Built-In Fraud Protection


As part of the Q2 Gro Digital Sales Platform, Q2 Gro offers Consumer Protection Plus, a patent-pending feature that uses SMS and email validation to ensure that consumers are involved in the account opening process. The solution provides an extra layer of security for your customers, and documentary evidence during examinations for you.


  • Proves customer involvement in the account application.
  • Superior user experience and a familiar verification process.
  • Ensures a working communication channel to the client for future cross selling, collections, digital banking, etc.
  • Delivers disclosures electronically.


One-Touch Automated Account Switching

Q2 Gro has partnered and integrated with ClickSWITCH, which makes the switch from one financial institution to another as easy as the click of a button.  The prospect completes the application process and initiates the switch, which is then handled automatically between the banks.  No awkward bank “breakups” or uncomfortable questions asked.

Layered Approach to Data Collection Reduces Friction


Q2 Gro’s multi-layered approach to collecting data reduces friction and keystrokes, making it easier for the prospect or customer to fill out an application from a mobile device.  In addition to email parsing and collecting data based on location of the applicant, Q2 Gro is the first to implement additional methods of data collection.
ID Scanning

Q2 Gro is the first to integrate ID scanning into the native and mobile web account opening process.  This allows applicants to use the camera on their mobile device to take a photo of their ID, such as a driver’s license, to auto-populate fields.