Optional Features

Optional Features

Q2 Gro Cross Sell Plus


Cross Sell Plus provides a highly unique cross sell experience for the new prospect or existing customer to make suggestions based on gathered information. The prospect is presented with offerings customized for their situation.


Q2 Gro Online Banking Adapter


Q2 Gro’s Online Banking Adapter allows the FI to integrate into their current API-enabled online banking environment, effectively allowing existing members / customers to add new products to their portfolio by integrating with their existing profile. This provides a unique workflow, and recognizes the applicant as a known entity via integration with the FI’s single sign-on (SSO) facility.


Q2 Gro Mobile Adapter


Much like the Online Banking Adapter, this product allows for integration with the native mobile banking app. It does require the mobile banking provider to integrate our native libraries into their offering to provide the ability to add new products to existing customers or members.


Q2 Gro Driver’s License Front Capture


By default, Q2 Gro extracts data from the barcode on the back of the driver’s license. The Driver’s License Front Capture option needs to be present if the FI would also like to capture the image of the front of the license for documentation purposes.


Q2 Gro Self-Service Web


This HTML5-based channel allows your unassisted prospect to join your organization and pick their desired products. The prospect is led through product selection, personal information gathering, ID verification and other steps necessary for the product selected. All of this is possible with Responsive Web Design, allowing the experience to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device at hand.


Q2 Gro Field & Branch


This channel option deploys native applications on mobile and tablet devices (iOS and Android) to give the FI associate the most powerful sales platform on the market. Each instance can be separately configured to supply seller ID, brand ID, promotional codes and other parameters to streamline the workflow for each day’s use case.


Q2 Gro Dedicated Cloud


This option provides a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for your deployment. The VPC provides an unprecedented opportunity to customize your solution for your specific needs.