Q2 Gro Business

Give your business clients the effective and configurable solutions they demand.

Q2 Gro Business

It is important for banks and credit unions to not only be able to reach business owners with effective solutions, but they also must be nimble and able to react quickly to their specific needs. Now more than ever, it's critical for financial institutions to be able to provide the right technology to streamline business lending and banking services.


More and more business owners have grown up in a fast-paced, connected world, and their banking is no exception. These owners have experienced the convenience, options and functionality they have with their personal banking and they expect the same for their commercial accounts. Whether in the branch or online, mobile or remotely, Q2 Gro Business gives FIs the advantage they need to provide their business clients with the powerful, convenient and configurable solutions for account opening to help them thrive.


With business lending, first contact is vital. Q2 Gro Business empowers your marketing and sales teams, allowing them to reach these customers quickly and easily, while giving them the tools to follow-up and close the process effectively.

Download our white paper "Using Digital Channels to Acquire, Sell and Grow!"

Learn why leveraging a digital sales platform is so important and how creating a good digital sales strategy can allow FIs to grow customers and sell them more products without the need for branch visits.